Subramaniapuram – Movie Review

Starring: Jai, Sasi Kumar, Ganja Karuppu, Swathi, Samudhirakani and many others.
Production: Sasi Kumar
Story, screenplay and direction: Sasi Kumar
Music: James Vasanthan
Cinematography: Kathir

For those who were more frustrated filthy commercial films that have annoying features like hero jumping from 150 ft bridge down to catch a running train: the same hero breaking a strong tree with his fistful kick and bumping off more than a dozen men at the same time, here comes a beautiful and poignant film. ‘Subramaniapuram’ not just marks the beginning of directorial journey of Sasi Kumar, but a birth of new streamline of extraordinary film. What’s so special about this film? A simple film that centers on the lives of 5 educated youngsters in Madurai during 1980 in Madurai, their joys and sorrows….

The film opens with the backdrop of 2008 where you see Kasi (Ganja Karuppu) stepping out of jail. But sooner you find him stabbed several times and falling down on the ground unconscious. The story immediately shifts backwards to 28 years in 1980. Happy going youngsters Azhagu (Chennai 600028 fame Jay), Paraman (Sasi), Kasi (Ganja Karuppu) and a handicapped guy lead a simple life in Madurai. These unemployed guys roam along roadside with no fixed dreams have nothing complicated in their lives. Azhagu is in love with Swathi who is daughter of a local Ex-MLA in the town and her uncle Thulasi (Director Samudhirakani) shares good rapport with these youngsters.

Installing a loudspeaker and mike sets stall right outside the same Ex-MLA’s house, these guys get into problems with opponents guys in the street. Soon they are pushed into the doom problems and Thulasi gets them out from water of troubles.

Their happy lives are estranged when Thulasi approaches them for a favor that will change entire course of life. Thulasi’s elder brother who is an ex-MLA has a problem in getting into the throne of power as his opponent is causing whole lot of problems. Both Azhagu and Paraman now enunciate to bump off the opponent and in turn Thulasi assures them that he would get them out of bail.

With accordance to their plans, this duo polishes off Thulasi and his brother ex-MLA’s opponent. However, their situations turn topsy-turvy when Thulasi fails to get them out through bail. Getting to see their perplexed conditions, one of their jail inmates gets them freed with his friend’s help.

The same friend who aided these guys expects a favor from them and that’s to bump off his enemy. Accomplishing this task, these guys now look out for killing Thulasi who cheated them. On their very attempts, Thulasi’s other is deeply hurt physically. To save his life from the clutches of these buddies, Thulasi sets a trap for them that have a network of betrayal and vengeance. Rest of the story travels on these lines and also reveals the reason lying beneath Kasi’s pathetic condition…

Hats off to Sasi Kumar for a stupendous directorial for a fine neat job and has excelled in terms of performance. Forget not Jai, who is spotted with different looks from his prior flick Chennai 600028 and he has done a naturalistic performance. Swathi on the equal pars does a wonderful task, however she seems to have focused more on eye expressions. Ganja Karuppu here and there attempts for comedy tracks, but fails in making it so. However, he scores the best with the characterization of Kasi he performs.

On the technical aspects, cinematographer peaks to his best of all abilities in churning out best shots. Awesome work indeed by Kadhir who draws us into the screen and of course, his cinematography owes a lot that has whole of lot detailing works. Musical score by James Vasanth is a moderate effort and all songs have been tuned in well.

But, the most blatant flaw is that backdrop of 1980. Apart from the hairstyle and dress codes, there isn’t any other aspects that differentiates between present and past scenario in terms of ambience. It would have been better if Sasi Kumar had focused on the romance part for it hasn’t been presented up to the expectations while violence has its scope.

On the whole, Subramaniapuram is sure to make waves not just in Kollywood, but throughout the world. A perfect and realistic story with a powerful narration makes it worth watching.

Well done Sasi! Please continue making good films for us…

Bottom – Line: An excellent world film

Verdict: A Movie you must watch.

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