Pachai Manidhan Hulk – Movie Review

Banner: Marvel Enterprises
Story, screenplay: Zak Penn
Direction: Louis Leterrier
Star-casts: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Ty Burrell, Christina Cabot, Peter Mensah, Lou Ferrigno, Paul Soles, Débora Nascimento and many others.

4 years ago, we had the great comic tale of Hulk being presented on the silver screen. Well, the well made flick didn’t do well both at box-office as well among the critics. But here comes its sequel with the title ‘Hulk – The Incredible’, that is delivered with a grand spell. Of course, the film isn’t really as good as expected. But we mean for those who are yearning out to watch superhero flicks can well enjoy watching the Big Green gigantic guy since rest of the superhero films will hit the screens by next month.

The previous version of Hulk was centered on the character of Hulk and in this sequel we have a detailed sequence with few montages that goes along with the opening titles. It has the scene where Bruce (Edward Norton) is seen conducting research for the Army group and a chain smoker general (played by William Hurt) is supervising this research process and his daughter Betty (Liv Tyler) is none other than Bruce’s girlfriend. Unpredictably, an error happens in the research and now Bruce has to elope and rush to an unnoticeable spot in Brazil where he won’t get noticed. However, getting settled at a slum area along the hillside and working there at a soda factory, he leads a calm and peaceful life with his little dog. However, he is unaware that army people under the mentoring of Smoking general have already arrived there in pursuit of him.

Sooner, the general with an ease attempt, General spots out the exact where Bruce is located and yells at his fellowmen. As they approach soda factory and find Bruce over there, the entire crew starts shooting out their bullets in attempts of chasing him. Out of emotional stress and outburst, he transfigures into a big gigantic Green man and now you know what happens? The next hours are filled with lots of thrills and nail biting sequences…

Edward Norton performance is perfect suiting the bill and of course as you all know major portion of the film is dominated by our Green Giant. Betty on the equal pars performs well doing justice to her role and the scenes where she has to decide between her danger and love is really awesome. William Hurt standing on the shoes of a bad smoking general does justice to his role and it would have been nice if he had come up with improvised performance.

Louis Letterier has taken up a better option drafting the sequel instead of making Iron Man. His directorial is spellbinding at certain points and in some sequences they are really obnoxious. Computer generated works and set decorations carry the entire film on their shoulders and these are main highlights of the film.

Bottom – Line: The Incredible

Verdict: Can watch it for technical aspects

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