Most Romantic Flowers to Present to Your Girlfriend

Women often complain that most men are not romantic. They don’t make any efforts to please their girlfriends both in everyday life and on Ukrainian dating site. However, guys just keep their feelings locked up, resorting to buying trinkets and jewels as a sign of love. Most of them don’t even realize that there is a better way to be romantic, which doesn’t require major investments.

During the Victorian era, it was not common to pay compliments and give expensive gifts. Then the most romantic thing was to give flowers, and the presented bouquet could tell a lot. Each flower had its special meaning, was a symbol of something bigger and spoke about the feelings and intentions of a gentleman. Each bouquet contained a secret message for the lady, which she impatiently interpreted and analyzed. You can also delight your lady and buy her a bouquet of flowers. Choose flowers carefully, depending on your feelings.


Giving roses, you can be sure that you will not go wrong with the choice of flowers. However, there are some nuances and pitfalls. Let’s start with the number. Never and under any circumstances, give one scarlet rose with a long, thick stalk. Such a “flower arrangement” is a kind of relic of the times, when it was very difficult to buy such a sort of roses, and it was considered a great chic to give it. In choosing the color and sort of roses, you should rely on your gut and dexterity if you don’t know about the preferences of your beloved girl, of course.


Peonies are one of the most trendy and fashionable flowers. Today, the classic bunch of peonies is a minion of the most fashionable blogs and series, and it is surely on the ladies’ wishlist. Each girl dreams of finding herself on the roof of the Empire State Building next to a cute and charismatic bad boy like Chuck Bass with a bunch of fragrant peonies. It is worth noting that these flowers are beautiful and romantic.


Tulips are flowers devoid of any pathos, and they will melt the heart of any charming girl. This flower is universal, but at the same time, very romantic. However, when creating a bouquet, you should show your “creativity” and make it of at least nine flowers or several varieties of tulips. Yellow-purple, white-purple, white-red-pink variations are best combined.


A bouquet of lilies symbolises tenderness and quivering feelings towards the girl who will get such a present. However, you should necessarily find out whether your darling likes this flower because it has a very pronounced aroma that can cause allergies. Besides, some girls just don’t like these flowers for some reasons.


These are flowers of joy, happiness, and fun. If your girl is a cheerful person, gerberas will surely please her, regardless of their colour. They will especially come in handy on a rainy day since gerberas will fill it with light and joy. In general, gerberas are a symbol of good mood, modesty, flirting and mystery, so it is best to present them to a girl at the very beginning of your relationship.


Calla is an extraordinary flower that symbolises purity and innocence. That is why these flowers are used for the wedding bouquet of the bride. Such bouquet is a wonderful way to surprise a young wife. When making a bouquet for a girl, try to choose round, regular-shaped buds to form a neat bouquet.


Eustoma is considered a tender and beautiful flower. Its second name is the Japanese rose. Eustomas are presented to women for a variety of reasons. These flowers symbolise beauty and tenderness. With their help, you can wish happiness to the birthday girl.