Maadhavi Lata Condemns Rakul Preet’s Statement on ‘sex-for-film’s Offer

Tollywood actress Maadhavi Latha has taken her contemporary Tamil-Telugu actress Rakul Preet Singh to task for making a blatantly false statement on the practice of ‘sex-for-films’ offers which are very much on vogue in the industry.

The 29-year old Hubli-born Maadhavi, who has starred in a solitary Tamil film Aambala (2015), had ruffled quite a few feathers in Tollywood by stating that her non-compromising attitude on responding to ‘sex-for-films’ offers from film-makers has resulted in her starring in just eight films in 11 years. “I could have had more offers had I submitted myself to this offer but I didn’t do so,” Maadhavi had said.

Rakul, who is having film offers aplenty in Tamil and Telugu, said in a recent interview that she never faced the ‘sex-for-films’ offer. “Talent alone takes one to the top and helps in sustaining that position; I never faced the offer thankfully all these years,” Rakul had said. Maadhavi Latha has, however, contested Rakul’s statement stating that Rakul was lying when she said she didn’t face the offer.

“The practice (sex-for-films offer) is very much in vogue and many actresses are aware of it,” she said and added that Raku should have spoken the truth in a bold and courageous manner instead of denying it. “It wasn’t right on the part of Rakul Preet to have lied about (the existence of) the sex-for-films offer,” Maadhavi said.