Nithya Doesn’t Feel the Need to Remain Slim

Actress Nithya Menen, who has a mind of her own, doesn’t entertain the ‘size zero’ brand ambassadors anywhere close to her as she feels that an actress’ on-screen performance matters a lot than her vital statistics.

The actress, last seen in Vijay-starrer Mersal in a significant role in flashback mode, has put on oodles of weight around her waist and shocked her fans and well-wishers in a recent photograph. Seen sipping a glass of tea, the actress appeared a pale shadow of her last year’s figure: she had added several kilos to her waist!

Never the one to fall under the ‘size zero’ category, Nithya was always plump but didn’t look like an actress who can’t play heroine to the younger heroes. Fans took to social networking sites lamenting and criticizing Nithya’s I-don’t-care attitude about maintaining her figure.

“Of course, I ate well during the days when I wasn’t shooting in the past few months. After all, we get to have these ‘free months’ only rarely. I’m a foodie and I can’t control my appetite to maintain my figure,” says Nithya, in a fitting reply to few actresses (mostly Bollywood actresses) who pump it out at the gym and starve hard to maintain the ‘size zero’ figure.

Surely, you can’t but appreciate Nithya’s attitude!