Aishwarya Fells Lucky to Be Starring Opposite Dhanush in Vada Chennai

Aishwarya Rajesh has stated that she can’t thank her ‘stars’ enough for getting the unforgettable offer to star opposite the national award-winning actor Dhanush.

It turns out that Aishwarya wanted to star opposite Dhanush even when she was working in Kaakka Muttai (2015) in an off-beat role of a mother of two children. Directed by Manikandan and produced jointly by Vetrimaaran and Dhanush, Kaakka Muttai was not only critically appreciated but also turned out to be a huge commercial success, giving a hint of what Aishwarya could do as an actress.

Speaking to newsmen about the offer to play Dhanush’s heroine in Vetrimaaran’s Vada Chennai, the first of the triology of films, Aishwarya spills the beans about her long-standing wish. “During my Kaakka Muttai days, I hoped I’d surely get an opportunity to star opposite Dhanush but it took me more than three years to get my wish fulfilled.

“Amala Paul was first considered for the role after which Samantha was in the reckoning and finally the role fell in my lap. I’m sure my intention of starring against Dhanush got me the offer and I’m delighted to be working in two huge names in the film industry: Dhanush and Vetrimaaran,” concludes Aishwarya.