Pressure on Nayantara to Reduce Her Fee Per Film?

It is reported from Kollywood circles that Nayantara, the ‘Queen Bee’ and the ‘numero uno’ actress in Tamil films, is under pressure to reduce her fee per fim following the decision of Suriya and other actors to do so.

It was reported a few days back that Suriya had decided not to trouble/burden the producers to foot the bills/wages of his support staff, something which is done very casually by almost all the actors – from newcomers to established actors. Karthi, Suriya’s younger brother, followed suit as he decided to emulate his elder brother.

Nayantara is the highest paid actress in Kollywood, with her fee ranging from Rs.2.5-3.5 crore per film. She is reportedly asking producers of all her films to boot the expenditure of her support staff including their wages/salaries. As her films do well in Tamil and Telugu film industries, she is obviously one of the most sought-after actresses in these languages.

Some say Nayan is getting as many as Rs.5 crores per film and have expressed their opinion that it is high time that she should reduce her fee, paving way for other actresses to follow suit. It is stated that beside Nayan’s fee, the money spent on her assistants’ wages/salary/allowances is something in the range of Rs.50 lakhs to Re.1 crore per film!