Rakul Preet Singh: This Guy Should Be Ashamed of Calling Himself a Journalist

Rakul Preet Singh was pissed off watching a Telugu debate show in which the host said that there are prostitutes and brokers in Telugu film industry. Not only Rakul, the entire Tollywood industry is revolved against the person.

“This guy should be ashamed of calling himself a journalist ! Abusive language n categorizing actresses?? Reallyyy?? Is this what we sell in the name of debates ?? This is heights of stooping so low !! #GetALife”, tweeted Rakul Preet Singh.

Nani who is popular among Tamil audiences because of Naan Ee, he tweeted “Strongly condemn the way our TV channels and their hosts and a few YouTube channels are constantly focusing on maligning the film industry. Remember, our media plays an important role in shaping the future.Kids are watching .. enough .. Stop it”.