Parents Hear Scripts of Films Offered to Aditi!

It is reported that filmmakers wanting to cast Aruvi fame Aditi Balan in their films are made to do so in the presence of the actress’ parents to prove the genuineness of their scripts.

Bangalore-based law graduate Aditi, who won accolades from critics and movie-goers alike for her amazing performance in the role of an ‘affected’ woman in Aruvi, has been getting many awards for her portrayal of the film’s protagonist but hasn’t yet signed up any other film other than her debut venture.

The actress, who boldly took up an AIDS-affected woman’s role in her very first film, is keen not to take up scripts which have smooching sequences or glam-filled roles. Thankfully for her fans, she had deviated from her earlier decision of not to star in films and has been hearing out scripts to continue to be in films.

Aditi’s pre-condition to directors and their assistants who come to her to narrate scripts is that the scripts ought to be narrated only in the presence of her parents. “I shall take up the offer(s) only when all of us like the script; in fact, I’m not in any tearing hurry to take up film offers and would pick and choose my roles,” concludes the actress.