Can’t Smoke Cigar and Drink Liquor in All My Films, Says Andrea Jeremiah

Andrea Jeremiah, the playback singer-turned-actress and who also sports a curvaceous figure, has said that she is getting repetitive roles from film-makers after her performance in last year’s hit film Taramani. “Seriously, I can’t hold a cigar and a whisky bottle in all my films: the character in Taramani demanded doing it and I just did it; that’s all,” says Andrea.

Speaking to newsmen recently, the actress said she was even ready to go ‘nude’ if the character and the script demanded so. “There is nothing wrong in it,” said Andrea, who locked lips with Siddharth in last year’s horror film Aval. “Taramani is an important film in my career which gave me plenty of scope to experiment. I feel Taramani and Aruvi were both path-breaking films in different ways.

“Thankfully, powerful scripts are penned nowadays with the heroines in mind; fans also seem to love it. When it comes to a heroine-oriented script, audiences don’t bother to check whether it’s a commercial film or an ‘art’ film. Again, thankfully enough, both Taramani and Aruvi were critically acclaimed as well as commercially successful ventures at the box-office.

“After Taramani, I got many offers but most of them demanded me to smoke or drink or do both; there is nothing wrong in doing so for the character. It is, however, wrong to script a character which do these things. I’m game for any kind of film and even commercial ventures provided my role has some scope in the script for me to perform,” concludes the picture-perfect actress.