Anjali’s Slim Avatar Shocks Herself and Her Fans!

Some actresses don’t look good if they sport ‘size zero’ figure: Anjali, the popular Tamil and Telugu actress as well as Hansika, fall in this category. Soon after Hansika’s bony figure went viral after she shed loads of flesh around her hips, it is now the turn of Anjali to shock herself and her fans by appearing in a slim frame!

Anjali was never stout bud didn’t sport an hourglass figure too; however, she was loved by fans, who loved her style of acting, dialogue delivery and the fluent flow in which she uttered her dialogues in Tamil films. Her last release was Balloon opposite Jai which did reasonably well at the box-office.

There were even rumous that she had started to ‘live together’ with Jai similar to what Kamal Haasan and Gautami did for 13 years before they split last year. However, Anjali denied this. Taking a break from films, Anjali pumped it hard at the gym, underwent a strict diet regime prescribed by her dietitian and managed to acquire an hourglass figure.

Her recent instagram post shows her in a ‘slim’ avatar for sure but she looks very odd in it, as per her fans’ comments!