Anjali Wants to Terrorize Her Fans by Playing a ‘ghost’

Actress Anjali, one of the few actresses in Kollywood who are able to dub in their own voices for their on-screen characters, has expressed her wish to play a ‘full-length’ ghost in any of her upcoming films.

Anjali, who has shed a few kilos of flesh around her waist in acquiring an enviable figure in recent times, was speaking casually to newsmen when she expressed her desire to turn a ‘ghost’.

“I’m always conscious of the kind of characters I get to portray on screen. I am happy that I get to play roles of substance and scripts which revolve around my character. I’m also excited about getting feedback from my fans about y on-screen roles. I played a ghost in ‘Gitanjali’ recently and would again portray a ‘ghost’ in the film’s sequel,” she informs.