Historic Deal Between Prithviraj and Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures is teaming up with famous Malayalam and Tamil actor Prithviraj’s production house to produce sensible films in Mollywood.

In his official statement, Prithviraj said “It started with what I thought was a casual conversation over coffee with Vivek Krishnani, MD, Sony Pictures India. I was trying to convince him that if ideas that would make entertaining films and yet stay away from conventions were what they were looking for, then Malayalam cinema is the place to be. It was then that Vivek said he would be more than willing to join hands with me for their foray into Malayalam if I did indeed have such a script at hand.

I did! A few days before that, I had already zeroed in on a script that I knew should make the film that would launch Prithviraj Productions. We went to Mumbai, and gave them an elaborate narration and a project overview. By the end of the day, a handshake over coffee had become a partnership between two companies!

In more ways than one, I believe it’s a landmark event for Malayalam film industry. Sony Pictures, the international studio behind iconic blockbusters and entertainers like “2012′; the “Spider-Man” franchise, and most recently “Jumanji; ramped up its local production with “Pad Man” early this year and is now stepping into the small and dense world of Malayalam cinema.

What makes this partnership doubly exciting is the nature of the film that we’re producing together. Supriya and I proudly welcome them to the content driven talent pool that is the Malayalam film industry. PRITHVIRAJ PRODUCTIONS is privileged to join hands with SONY PICTURES INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS for our PRODUCTION NO:l. More announcements about this partnership and our first film will soon follow”.

Sony Pictures has also officially confirmed the news with an official statement.