I’d Portray Very Well the New ‘role’ of Politician Given by God: Rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth has asserted that as always, he would do ‘very well’ the role of a politician given to him by the Almighty.

On a tour to the Himalayas, Rajini was at Hrishikesh yesterday where he visited the many temples around the scenic town. Rajini left for Himalayas late last week for a fortnight-long spiritual journey. He had visited religious places in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and is presently staying at Hrishikesh in Uttarakhand. Mediapersons sensed Rajini’s presence and visited him yesterday.

Refusing to discuss politics as he was on a spiritual quest, Rajini said “The most important task of a man is to realize himself in his birth and I have here for this purpose alone. I’d indulge in plenty of meditation, reading spiritual books and to roam around freely sans restriction to meet people from various walks of life. I don’t need any politicians or film industrywallaahs around me here.

“I used to feel at home in Himalayas whenever I visit the place. As an actor, I feel I have been doing my job very well. The Almighty has now entrusted me the role of a politician and I hope to portray it well. After this sojourn, people would witness for themselves what Rajini, the politician, means to them,” Rajini concluded.