Gautami’s Official Statement on Her Daughter’s Acting Debut!

Gautami has come up with an official statement on the possible acting debut of her daughter Subalaxmi. Sources from various websites and dailies said that Subalaxmi will be Dhruv’s romantic interest in Varma.

But Gautami denied that she was taken aback by those reports. According to Gautami, Subbalaxmi is concentrating only on her studies and the acting reports are not true.

“Taken aback to see news about my daughter’s acting debut. Subhalaxmi is committed to her studies and has no plans for acting now. Thank you all for your blessings on her”, posted Gautami on Twitter.

As Subalaxmi is out of the top contenders of Dhruv’s pair, the film’s director Bala has a surprise heroine for the actress.