Love Your Parents; Don’t Distort My Mother’s Love: Jhanvi to Fans

Jhanvi Kapoor, the 21-year old stunning-looking daughter of acting legend Sridevi who passed away in the most unexpected manner in Dubai on 24th February, has appealed to fans of her mother not to distort her motherly affection. “It was unmatched,” she said and appealed to all to love their respective parents unconditionally.

The 21-year old eldest daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor turns 21 on Wednesday (07th March). A couple of days ahead of her birthday, Jhanvi has taken to social networking sites with an emotion-filled message on her Twitter account, recalling her mother’s affection and love towards her.

“I make a fervent appeal to all of you on the eve of my birthday: love your parents at all times unconditionally. They only created you. Please pray for my mother’s soul to be laid in lasting peace. My parents’ love for me and my sister is so pure and holy; please don’t try to distort it in any manner. My mother was a great actress, an awesome mother, a wonderful wife and an amazing person.

“She loved everybody who respected her. She was more like a friend to me. Her loss is irreparable but I’d soon learn to live in her absence. I would conduct myself in a manner which would make my mother proud. I remember how she protected me from my worries and pains. Each day, I’d wake up remembering her; her thoughts would only make me stronger. Nothing can replace her loss,” Jhanvi’s message said thus.