Request of Director Shankar’s Assistant to Meme Pages

Director Shankar’s assistant Vignesh has written a long post requesting fans and meme pages to not share any screen shots from the leaked teaser of 2.0.

“#2point0 Friends please do not share this leaked trailer of “2.0”. It is our Director’s long term dream forte. We won’t know how much hard work went into it and is going into it. If u make this unfinished cut viral, then you cannot enjoy the proper finished cut and it will definitely sadden him and all the technicians of the team.

Thank you.- The reason I’m posting this is because I’ve also worked very hard like a squirrel on this. #Donotshare #RequestToMemepages #fbpages Ps: Real #Rajini fans and #DirectorShankar fans will not share it. They will wait for the light of the day”, posted the assistant director.

The producers of the film are planning to reveal the official teaser soon on YouTube.