Pavithran’s Dhaaravi Releases Yesterday Despite Ban by Producers’ Council

Filmmaker Pavitharan released his latest directorial venture Dhaaravi yesterday despite the ban in force by the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) not to release new films in theatres till the issue regarding the cost of digitization of films is settled.

The Council had issued a stern warning to producers not to make any attempt to release their films from 01st March onwards as the issue of cost of digitization of films has reached a boiling point. Some films which were slated to release on Friday (02nd March) had been postponed to a future date but Pavithran, who had made Sooriyan and Indu in the past, released his latest directorial venture Dhaaravi yesterday.

Starring newcomers in the lead, the film has music by Pavitharan’s son Abhay while Manikandan has cinematographed it. Reacting to his decision to release the film against a ban on releasing films by the Producers’ Council, Pavitharan said “I toiled a lot while making Dhaaravi for which I took huge loans; the date of release was already planned. Delaying it or changing it would have made me incur loss of several crores.

“Moreover, some ‘big’ films have been lined up for releasing in theatres this month and my film with a low budget can certainly not compete with those films. I had no other go and went ahead and released the film yesterday (02nd March). I wasn’t given any guarantee by the Council to compensate me for the losses if I didn’t release the film on the scheduled date,” Pavithran concluded.