Arun Vijay’s Thadam to Release for Tamil New Year

Producer Inder Kumar’s Redhan – The Cinema People has made a strong impact with its debut production Super Hit movie “Kuttram 23” Directed by Arizvazhagan. Arun Vijay and Mahima Nambiar played the lead roles.

Now Producer Inder Kumar is producing a humongous budget movie named “Thadam” Starring Arun Vijay and drected by Magizh Thirumeni. It worth to mention here that Arun Vijay – Magizh Thirumeni Combo’s “Thadaiyara Thakka” made a good talk in Kollywood. Now their re-union has raised huge expectation among the fans.

Thadam also has Thanya Hope, Smruthi, Fefsi Vijayan, Yogi Babu, George, Sonia Agarwal, Vidya Pradeep, Meera Krishnan and many other prominent actors have acted in this movie.

Dubbing Process of this movie has started from today and the latest Buzz is, “Thadam” gearing up as Tamil New Year Release as slated by Production Department.