Did Rajini’s Kaala Net Rs.50 Crores Soon After It Was Launched?

It is now reported that superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Kaala netted a cool Rs.50 crores for its producer (Rajini’s son-in-law and national award-winning actor Dhanush) the moment it was launched last year!

Not for without reason that Rajini is considered as a ‘huge star’ in Indian films. Despite the fact that he debuted as hero more than four decades back, Rajini still remains the undisputed ‘emperor’ of box-office in Tamil films. Kaala was launched last year by Dhanush under his production house ‘Wunderbar Films’ bringing together the hit pair of Rajini and Pa. Ranjith after the colossal hit film Kabali (2016).

Kaala is said to have been produced at a whopping budget of Rs.75 crores; however, it turns out that Lyka Productions acquired the films’ release and distribution rights the world over for Rs.125 crores, which meant that the film had netted a cool profit of Rs.50 crores even before its shoot commenced.

Compare this with many films in Kollywood which had been wrapped up and find no takers to release them! Does anybody need any further proof as to who is the ‘Baadshah’ of box-office in Kollywood?