Nagesh Thiraiyarangam – Tamil Movie Review

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: A real estate dealer, who sets out to sell his father’s old property, a movie theatre, finds that the building is possessed by a ghost

MOVIE REVIEW: Most of the horror films made in India, or Tamil specifically, revolve around a building, which is possessed by a spirit, for which there always lies a reason. Quite interestingly, Nagesh Thiraiyarangam’s basic plot is set against the backdrop of a theatre — something fresh compared to the usual clichés.

A story in which a spirit has possessed a movie theatre — this one-line actually has lot of scope, for a horror-comedy film, or a full-fledged horror flick, with some interesting characterisations, convincing flashback and a series of mindless, but entertaining sequences. However, in Nagesh Thiraiyarangam, the plot goes haywire after a point.

Nagesh (Aari) is a young man from a middle-class family, with a mother, sister and brother to support. When he is in need of money to get his sister (Athulya) married, his mother (Sitara) tells him to sell off a property of theirs — an old theatre — which was registered long ago in his father’s name. Nagesh and his friend (Kaali Venkat) decide to stay in the theatre till a deal is set, though his father’s friend informs him about the place being haunted by a spirit. Meanwhile, Nagesh’s girlfriend (Ashna) goes to the theatre to meet him.

The film is intriguing until this point, but turns into a mess with confusing sequences and a tiring flashback. The scenes where the characters who appear in Aari’s dreams end up getting killed for real evinces curiosity, but aren’t executed effectively to keep the audience engaged.

The interior of the theatre is designed well to create the adequate horror effect, and some scenes set there have come out effectively, but as the story progresses, one loses interest, though the effort taken by the filmmaker in creating something interesting is evident in the climax scenes.