Veera -Tamil Movie Review

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Two friends, who aspire to take control of things in their locality, face a series of issues when they take up an assignment involving kidnapping a politician’s daughter.

MOVIE REVIEW: Veeramuthu (Krishna) and Pachaimuthu (Karunakaran) are close friends who do not mind sacrificing their lives for each other. They are very ambitious, and dream of becoming the leaders of a local ‘mandram’ in their locality, which is currently headed by Sura Murugan (Kanna Ravi), with the help of influential politicians.

Murugan, who is aware of Veera’s and Pachai’s plans, ensures that he leaves no stone unturned to maintain his domination in their area. Based on the instruction of a respected man (Thambi Ramaiah) in their neighbourhood, the two friends get trained under Sketch Sekhar (Radha Ravi), a gangster-turned-godman.

However, situation turns out in such a way that the duo assassinates their trainer. This ‘qualification’ of them lands them a deal.

Kumar (Charandeep), a jail inmate, assigns them the job of kidnapping Renuka (Iswarya Menon), the daughter of a local politician. Veera, who already has a soft corner for Renu, takes up the challenge and gets mired in a series of issues. What happens to him and Pachai forms the rest of the story.

Though the basic plot of the film isn’t so interesting (at least on screen), there are few sequences which keeps you hooked. The action scenes and gang wars are choreographed well — quite realistic, intriguing and violent – and Krishna has pulled them off convincingly. Karunakaran is apt in the role of a loyal friend, while Charandeep looks interesting as the gangster.

Iswarya has only limited screen presence in the first half, but has a couple of good scenes with some unconventional dialogues in the second half. But the wafer-thin storyline isn’t enough to keep the viewers engaged till the end. With a decent premise and convincingly established characters, a better storyline and execution would have made the film a better watch.