Complaints Filed With Producers’ Council Against Vadivelu’s Adamant Attitude

Several complaints have been filed with Nadigar Sangam as well as the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) by film-makers against comedian Vadivelu’s non-cooperative and adamant attitude.

Insiders say that Vadivelu, who returned to Tamil screen only 18 months back after an ‘vanvaas’ of five years during the earlier tenure of the ruling AIADMK from 2011-16, is said to be throwing starry tantrums at the shooting schedules besides delaying the projects with his unacceptable and adamant attitude. Shankar, who wanted to make a sequel to his Imsaai Arasan 23-m Pulikesi, was the first of film-makers to suffer.

The first schedule of the sequel was to be shot at Chennai at specially erected sets costing a few crores. However, Vadivelu didn’t report for the film’s shoot on the stipulated date as he developed some ‘misunderstanding’ with a few crew members. Shankar got livid and complained to the Producers’ Counil against Vedivelu which alterted the Nadigar Sangam which sought an oral explanation from the comedian.

Actor-producer RK, who had starred iwith Vadivelu in Azhagarmalai, was to make a film titled as Neeyum Naanum Naduvula Peyum with Vadivelu essaying the lead comedian’s role in it. Vadivelu was paid Rs.75 lakhs for his role in the film but still didn’t turn up for the shoot, forcing RK to lodge a complaint against him with TFPC. Rambala, who cast Vadivelu in a new film, had to cancel the film’s shoot as Vadivelu reportedly told him to change the entire script.

What’s happening to Vadivelu?