Naachiyaar – Tamil Movie Review

As soon as we read the title card that says ‘A Bala film’, we expect a dark and disturbing film with a realistic approach to life. But with Naachiyaar, though the realism remains, it doesn’t unsettle the viewers. Naachiyaar stars Jyothika in the titular role, while GV Prakash Kumar and newcomer Ivana play important supporting characters in this engaging crime thriller. Without further adieu, let’s jump straight into the review.

Bala doesn’t waste any time, as the theme of the film is established in the first couple of scenes itself. The characters are introduced, and their purposes are conveyed immediately. The film starts off on a comical note, with quite a few comedy scenes that don’t drift away from the main plot.

From there, the story flows into the romantic portions involving GV and Ivana. With an important twist right at the intermission point, the film shapes into an exciting investigative thriller.

From there, there is no stopping Naachiyaar, as it keeps us on the edge of our seats, with twists and turns finding their way at regular intervals. Some may even feel that the film’s content is not compelling enough until the intermission point, where the turn of events takes place.

Having said that, we must commend Bala’s ability in redefining an actor by giving them a contrasting character from what they’ve played so far. Jyothika is fantastic, as she masterfully plays the role of a menacing, short-tempered and a bold cop, with a gracious heart.

It is safe to say that this is GV Prakash’s finest performance of his career, and Bala has potentially moulded him into the role of Kathavaraayan. He is an innocent, and unimpeachable young man, whose personality takes shape with the flow of the story. Ivana performs exceedingly well, to guarantee a convincing debut.

On the technical front, maestro Ilayaraja proves why he is the undisputed king of background scoring as the music elevates the intensity of the scenes. Cinematography by Eshwar and Sathish Surya’s cuts are on point, and they deliver exactly what is necessary. Bala’s idea to keep this film at just 100 minutes, proves to be an excellent decision as anything more than what we saw could have seemed unnecessary.

Though one might feel that the inclusion of a song in the first half could have been avoided, the sequences that follow, make up for it. From the second half on, the screenplay travels on perspectives, and the director has made sure to convey a strong message through the depiction of his characters. But if you find yourself distanced from the basic plot, you might find it less exciting.

On the whole, with strong characterization, gripping screenplay, and top-notch performances, Naachiyaar is an interesting ride of emotions and realism.

Verdict: Naachiyaar is a well made investigative thriller in a non-Bala style.