Want to Know the ‘first Crush’ of Anushka, Kajal & Rakul Preet?

First-love is something which nobody forgets till his/her lifetime; this being the case, fans often wonder about such instances in their favourite actresses’ lives. Few actresses come forward to share it; however, frontline ‘hot’ Tamil and Telugu actresses Anushka Shetty, Rakul Preet Singh and the curvaceous Kajal Aggarwal have come forward voluntarily to share the ‘first crush’ of their lives!

• Anushka Shetty: Many tried to get my attention during my college days but I didn’t take them seriously. I liked none but was madly in love with cricketer Rahul Dravid, ‘The Wall’. I became an ardent fan and as time went on, my love for Rahul only kept increasing. I didn’t no whether it was infatuation or love but never got to meet him in my life. I respect love and believe that one can succeed in love only by being sincere about it!

• Kajal Aggarwal: A particular guy, who was my friend in college, was in love with me and asked me if I’d marry him. I thought it wasn’t the right time for marriage and turned his proposal down after thinking deep and hard about it. He got to know my mind-set and disappeared. After coming to films, I get many proposals over phone and mail (letters); I’m often reminded of my ‘first love’ while going through these communications!

• Rakul Preet Singh: I had always been a mischievous girl right from my school days. I always loved to sport a tomboy-kind of look. Most of my friends were boys and but none of them didn’t propose to me. I changed myself consciously once I came to College and was chased by quite a few guys. I realized that their love feelings were unreal. I believe in truelove and I hope to meet my ‘Mr. Right’ sooner than later!