With Ajith’s Viswasam, Imman Finds Answer to His 16-year Long Puzzle!

Imman, the bubbly, chubby-cheeked music director of Kollywood, has finally found an answer to a puzzle which had been intriguing him for the past 16 years!

Bespectacled Imman debuted as a 19-year old rookie music director in 2002 with the Vijay-Priyanka Chopra starrer Tamizhan. The film bombed at the box-office but Imman continued to get film offers, initially as a trickle and later steadily to accomplish the achievement of scoring music for 100 films. The ‘Jayam’ Ravi-Nivedha starrer Tik Tik Tik would be his 100th film as a composer.

Imman is on ‘Cloud Nine’ these days now that it has been confirmed that he would be scoring the music of actor Ajith Kumar’s upcoming film Viswasam, replacing ‘Junior’ Maestro Yuvan Shankar Raja who was the initial choice of Ajith and director Shiva but who walked out of the film for some unknown reasons. Imman had all along wanted to score the music for an Ajith-starrer but had to wait for 16 years to do the same!

Produced by Satyajyothi Films, Viswasam pits Shraddha Srinath opposite Ajithi Kumar for the first time. “All these years, I had been wondering why I hadn’t been offered any Ajith-starrer; now that I’ve been signed up to score the music of Ajith Sir’s upcoming film Viswasom, I feel satisfied that I have finally found an answer!” says Imman, who is a father of two daughters.