A Few Life Hacks to Charm her on the First Date

A first date is the only way to understand if you have a chance for a future together. This is a short period of time when need to try as hard as possible to hide your negative traits. It’s when you need to show your companion that you’re worthy of respect, but how to do it? How to charm a girl into liking you? Here are some useful tips.

Show that you’re punctual

The most important rule of the first date is punctuality. Coming late means failure. You have to show her that you’re responsible and serious, but if you can’t cope with your own schedule, how can you call yourself responsible?

Don’t choose noisy spots

Noisy pubs and restaurants aren’t the best spots for a first date. These are ideal places for meetings with friends but not for dates. You’ll get tired of shouting all the time, and your dialog won’t last long. Oh, and don’t invite your friends; this isn’t how you charm a girl. This event is only for two.

What to talk about?

Well, you met, looked at each other, and then what? What to talk about? Maybe you should try weather or latest news? Stay calm and listen carefully to your companion, and you’ll find the topic to discuss. If she talks about dancing, tell her about styles you prefer, and if you don’t know anything about dances, start asking questions about them. Don’t overload your companion with useless information and try joking more. Keep smiling, and she’ll start thinking that you’re on the same page.

Sometimes people simply have nothing to say. You don’t have to fill the awkward pauses all the time. You can just sit and admire the woman, who sits before you. Sometimes you don’t need words at all.

On the first date, you need to take things easy and be serious at the same time. Let the girl wonder if she likes you. She’ll think that you’re interesting and mysterious. It’s necessary to behave as if nothing happens, and you’re just having a good time with your friend. If you like how she looks today, tell her about it. The ability to say compliments is a difficult art, but you need to master it if you want to learn how to charm a girl with words.

How to say goodbye after a date? Advice from vavadating.com

At the end of the first date, you can kiss her on the cheek. Kiss her on the lips only if you’re in love with her and see that she’s OK with it. On the second date, you can take her home and expect an invitation to a cup of coffee. But if you’re looking for a serious relationship, it’s important not to rush things. Write her a message after the date. She’ll love it.

Do I need to confess my love on a first date?

A lot of guys faced this exciting event. The girl of your dreams is standing in front of you, and you have already decided that you’ll say these three magic words. But suddenly, you forget everything you wanted to say and can’t move a muscle. And it’s great! No matter how strong your feelings are, the first date is not the best time to talk about them.

But since we’re already talking about feelings, here’s how to charm a girl and confess your love at the same time. The best way to tell her what you feel is to write a romantic letter. Nowadays, receiving a letter written by hand is unusual and touching. Make up your own text. Don’t immediately start with your confession; it’s better to write something funny first to distract her. Express your feelings at the end of the letter. She’ll keep this letter and re-read it from time to time. But it’s much better to tell her everything, looking into her eyes. Sure, this moment will be exciting, but you need to say these words.

If you’re not sure that she’s experiencing the same feelings, it’s better to wait; otherwise, you may find yourself in an awkward position. You should confess your love only if you’re sure that you mean something to her.