Shakeela Is Back and Smoking!

Shakeela, the erstwhile ‘Queen of Soft-porn films’ in India, is back in action (not as what she is famous for) in films after almost a decade.

Shakeela once gave jitters to leading Malayalam heroes such as Mohanlal and Mammootty as her soft-porn films did very well in theatres in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu than even some films starring these frontline heroes. She starred in ‘soft-porn’ films for almost a decade and then took a break, re-appeared in films in character roles or comic roles.

After almost a decade, she is now commencing her third innings in films with the Telugu venture Seelavathi which is billed as a psycho-thriller. The ‘first-look’ posters of the film were released by Shakeela and the members of the film’s crew.

Shakeela is shown to be sitting in a swing with two children in the poster of the film, which is to hit the screens in April. In another still photograph, Shakeela is seen to be smoking casually in what would be a landmark 250th film in her career spanning several decades!