Parvathy to Reveal Names of Producers and Filmmakers in ‘sex-for-films’ Offer

Tamil-Malayalam-Kannada actress Parvathy, who stirred a hornet’s nest by stating that she got many ‘sex-for-films’ offer in the past, has gone ahead and opened a Pandora’s Box by stating that she would soon reveal the names of those filmmakers.

The 30-year old actress, who mostly prefers roles of substance than taking up glamour-filled roles, was last spotted in Tamil in the 2016 film Bangalore Naatkal remake of the Malayalam hit film Bangalore Days). She recently courted another controversy by condemning the anti-feminine dialogues uttered by Mollywood megastar Mammootty in his film Kasaba.

Mammootty’s fans took to social networking sites in a huge manner by taking Parvathy to task and hurling expletives at her at will and even threatened to cause physical harm to her. After a prolonged silence, Mammootty finally spoke up and asked his fans to keep quite as he hadn’t ‘nominated any fan to answer on his behalf or to speak in support of the character (in Kasaba)’.

“I can’t keep quiet even if it means losing out on (getting) film offers. I have been in the industry for the past 12 years and have progressed mainly through my hard-work. Whatever be the hurdles that would be placed in my path, I shall overcome them and won’t quit films. ‘Casting Couch’ still exists in films and I shall soon reveal the names of persons who made the ‘sex-for-films’ offer to me,” Parvathy thundered.