Lawerence: I Will Meet Fans, Please Don’t Travel to Meet Me

In his recent press statement, Raghava Lawerence has said that fans needn’t come to come and he will travel and meet them whenever he finds time.

“Hi dear friends and fans! As you are all already aware, one of my wonderful fans, R. Shekhar, has recently passed away while he was traveling to take a picture (with me). I went and joined in his funeral as well – it was very disheartening and painful.

From that incident, I have decided that fans need not travel and come over to take pictures. Instead, I will go to my fans places and take pictures with them. Hereafter, when I get my free time I will travel to every place to take pictures with them. Firstly, I’m starting with Salem on February 7. I’m coming for you. I pray for Shekar’s soul to rest in peace”, said Lawerence in his statement.