Cut My Feet and Not My Nose, Deepika Tells Karni Sena

A courageous Deepika Padukone, India’s Hollywood-bound Bollywood actress and who has just delivered a super-duper hit film with her latest venture Padmaavat which released in theatres across the country and elsewhere on 25th January, has told the Karmi Sena cadres not to cut her nose but her feet if it would satisfy their lust for attacking celebrities.

Karni Sena had kick-started pre-release protests ahead of the film’s release and threatened to set fire to screens showing the film as it said that the film had depicted Rajputs, known for their valour and sacrifice, in poor light. It also objected to the manner in which Chittoor’s Rani Padmini has been depicted. Despite criticism, Padmaavat had collected more than Rs.160 crores in its first 10 days in theatres.

The Sena had announced a ‘reward’ of Rs.5 lakhs to those who cut Deepika’s nose, forcing Deepika to move around with a heave cordon of securitymen. “I’m thankful to people in general and my fans in particular for the huge success of Padmaavat despite pre-release opposition to the film. I’m happy about the film’s success. At this juncture, I’d love to say one thing to those who want to cut my nose.

“I like my nose; leave it and if they want to do harm to me, let them cut my feet. I have been very courageous right from my younger days and I fear none. When I was 14 years old, a boy brushed past me purposely on road and I chased him down to slap him hard across his face. My parents saw it and felt confident that I’d be courageous enough to face the world; the courage has only become stronger now,” Deepika said.