Vijay Antony to Essay a Cop’s Role in Thimiru Pudichavan

Count on Vijay Antony, the music director-turned-hero, to name his films after many ‘abandoned’ titles and still be in the reckoning. After Yaman and Saithaan, Vijay Antony’s upcoming film has been titled as Thimiru Pudichavan (arrogant fellow)!

Keen to get himself associated only with scripts of versatility, Vijay Antony’s new film is to be helmed by debutant director Ganesha who would also be penning the story, screenplay and dialogues in the film. Vijay Antony plays a cop but doesn’t have a single protagonist to fight against but would still be starring in an action-packed, entertaining venture, Ganesha reveals.

“Vijay Antony’s get-up and characterization would be very different from other cop films,” Ganesha says. “Youths would have a very nice role model to follow and get inspiration from,” he adds. Vijay Antony scores the film’s music and is also the film’s editor.

“I penned the script three years ago with only Vijay Antony in my mind to play the protagonist. I waited patiently for him for three years to give me call-sheet dates,” informs Ganesha. Vijay Antony is also said to be learning the martial art of Silambattam exclusively for some stunt sequences in the film!