Mersal Producer: Padmaavat Is an Experience in Itself

Hema Rukmani, producer of Thalapathy Vijay’s Mersal recently watched Deepika Padukone – Sanya Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat and said that the film is an experience in itself.

“#Padmavat is an experience in itself. There is more to the film than just the story. The sheer grandeur, beautiful people, exquisite jewellery, picture perfect backdrops, topnotch aesthetics, sigh-inducing outfits, beautiful skies…what not ! It is not without flaws: historically inaccurate, dragging pace and a tad bit too perfect to be real…

Staid to be frank. No prizes for guessing that Khilji is my favourite character in the film. Ranveer has the right streak of madness which makes him an ideal cast in a Bhansali film. The Jauhar, thank God was only implied. I was ready to shriek out loud like to the climax of Conjuring ! That was the practice of the hapless womenfolk of a bygone era.

Sad, horrific yet grateful that we have left it where it belongs. Watch it with a open heart and open mind”, posted Hema Rukmani on her official Facebook page.