Adhik Ravichandran’s Next With G.v. Prakash Kumar to Be a Romantic Venture?

It is reported that director Adhik Ravichandran’s next film, which stars music director-turned-hero G.V. Prakash Kumar in the lead, would be a romantic comedy, very different from his first couple of films as a film-maker.

Adhik debuted as director with the controversial yet successful Trisha Illana Nayanthara in 2015. With many ‘adult content’ and ‘dialogues’, the film succeeded at the box-office but Adhik was pilloried by critics. He faced more ‘music’ with his second directorial venture in Anbanavan Adangadhavan Asaradhavan (which had Simbu & Tamannaah in the lead) which released last year and failed at the box-office.

With two films under his belt which didn’t entirely meet the approval of critics and movie-goers, Adhik was under pressure to launch his next directorial venture. It is, however, reported that he had already started and is about to wrap up the shooting schedule of his third directorial venture. The entire shoot would be over in the next ten days, says a source which doesn’t want to be named.

The film, which is a romantic comedy and which won’t have vulgar/obscene dialogues or references, stars G.V. Prakash Kumar again as the hero. Neither the heroine nor the details of other actors/actresses and crew/technicians’ names have been revealed so far as Adhik is keeping things as a ‘surprise’ to soon make an announcement in this regard.