Actress Mum About Sexual Harassment Fearing Their Careers: Radhika

Actress Radhika Apte has said that out of fear of losing out on film offers which would force an early end to their respective careers, actresses tend to keep mum and remain silent about cases of sexual harassment they encounter.

Radhika, who plays one of the two heroines opposite Akshay Kumar (Sonam Kapoor being the other heroine) in the soon-to-be-released Pad Man, was speaking to newsmen casually when she made the above-said remark. “Few actresses come out in the open about sexual harassment complaints for fear of losing out on a lucrative career. If the speak up, their careers would be finished and hence they keep mum.

“I feel everyone has to raise their voice against the crime of sexual harassment. Merely talking about this no enough; when facing harassment, women should muster courage to spurn the offers. Unless they do so, such ‘offers’ would be constantly coming against them. They should also express their support to those who speak up boldly against cases of sexual harassment.

“This change can’t occur overnight; people have to be courageous to usher in the necessary changes. Thankfully, I didn’t face any bad sexual harassment I faced; whatever I had to speak about, I had spoken in the past. I don’t hid anything but at the same time, I won’t comment on others’ sexual harassment cases,” concluded the actress, who paired up opposite superstar Rajinikanth in the 2016 hit film Kabali.