Didn’t Get Many Tamil Films as I Spurned Sex-for-films Offers: Sruthi Hariharan

Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu actress Sruthi Hariharan a.k.a. Sruthi has joined the ‘I do’ club (celebrities revealing sexual harassment incidents/offers of the past) by stating that he was once invited by a Tamil producer to share the bed with himself and four others to ensure that she got film offers on a ‘continual basis’.

“I not only said ‘no’ to the offer but also hurled verbal abuses at the producer in question as a result of which I’m not being flooded with offers to star in Tamil films,” Sruthi revealed while speaking at a recent event in Hyderabad. “I faced sexual harassment initially when I was just 18 years of age; my dance choreographer told me to quit films if I wasn’t able to handle such things,” said the actress, whose Tamil films include Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe, Nibunan and Solo.

The Palakkad-born Tamil origin actress has made Bangalore her home these days. Also a competent Bharatnatyam danseuse, Shruti continued “A popular Tamil film producer who once acquired the Tamil remake rights of one of my successful Kannada films told me to cast me in the same role in Tamil if I ‘adjusted’ to the sexual needs of himself and four others. I said I’d beat the hell out of him with my sandals,” she said.

“After this incident, number of Tamil film offers reduced drastically and rumours were also spread (purposely) that I was ‘difficult’ to work with. Some producers even rang me up to confirm if I really said what the press said that I had said: I nodded in the affirmative after which the film-offers started decreasing,” Sruthi concluded.