Anushka Waits for Her ‘mr. Right’ to Get Married!

Lanky Anushka Shetty a.k.a. Anushka has stated that she had been awaiting the opportunity to meet her ‘Mr. Right’. “As and when I spot him, I shall get married before making a grand announcement about it,” she said.

The actress, who is past her mid-thirties (36 now), is still going strong in Tamil and Telugu films as a frontline actress. It is not known to her fans whether she is purposely postponing the act of getting married or is not getting suitable/desirable offers from prospective brides. She was in Chennai on the other day to attend the audio-launch of her upcoming Tamil-Telugu bilingual Bhaagamathie.

“Bhaagamathie has nothing to do with either of the sequels of Baahubali and is a very different film. I have essayed the role of an upright officer ‘Sanjana IAS’ in the film. I loved the scripta lot when it was narrated initially to me by director Ashok and agreed immediately to star in the film. I’m sure Tamil audiences would love the film, my role in it and would patronize it in a huge way,” Anushka said.

On another topic, she said she loved watching superstar Rajinikanth in films. “This doesn’t mean that I don’t like other actors,” she pointed out. On the question of her reported affair with Prabhas, she said that she was never in love with Prabhas at any time during the making of Baahubali and described Prabhas as a ‘close friend’.

“I’m not under pressure from my family members or relatives to get married soon. I have been on the look-out for my ‘Mr. Right’; the moment I come across such a person, I’d marry him after letting it known to others,” Anushka concluded.