Nayan Won’t Run Around Trees Anymore Romancing Heroes

‘Queen Bee’ Nayantara is said to be putting at least two pre-conditions to directors and producers seeking her call-sheet to star in their films: she won’t run around trees romancing heroes and that she won’t put on a glamour-filled avatar.

Last year’s super-hit film Arram by debutant director Gopi Nainar has upped Nayan’s stardom by several levels. The politically-coated dialogues uttered by Nayantara at several places in the film’s script are something many frontline heroes would love to utter in their own films!

Such is Nayan’s present status in the industry as the ‘No.1’ heroine that directors are eagerly penning woman-centric scripts with her in the mind to play the lead. They, however, have to cope with a fresh set of (at least two) pre-conditions put forward by Nayantara to sign up their films. Thanks to successive hit films featuring her as the protagonist, Nayan is said to have decided to do films of those genre alone.

Her two pre-conditions to film-makers are clear: she won’t dance or run around trees romancing the hero and that she won’t appear glamourouly. “Whatever happened is past; I won’t do so in future!” is Nayan’s clear message to film-makers!