Sketch – Tamil Movie Review

SYNOPSIS: The fate of four friends, who work at a garage, witness drastic changes after they lock horns with a dreaded gangster in town

REVIEW: Jeeva aka Sketch (Vikram) is the go-to guy in a north Madras-based garage run by Settu (Hareesh Peradi). He is also in charge for seizing the vehicles of loan defaulters. It was when Durai (Aruldoss), who was once the reliable guy of Settu got injured that Sketch, the former’s nephew, replaced him.

Ravi (RK Suresh), who was once Durai’s aide, isn’t happy with Settu for making Sketch his right hand. An uneducated person, Jeeva, has a family which includes father, mother and a younger brother, though he loves to spend his time in the garage with his three friends – Kumar, Bhaskar and Guna.

One day, while he and his friends are seizing a vehicle, he happens to meet Ammu (Tamannaah), whom he falls in love with. His initial attempts to impress her misfires, though he succeeds gradually in it. Meanwhile, Shaktivel (Abhishek), a new cop, has been posted in town to put check to gangster Royapuram Kumar (Baburaj)’s illegal activities.

Settu, who has an eye on Kumar’s vintage car, tells Sketch that his long time wish is to own the vehicle as it once belonged to his father. Sketch and friends take up the challenge – they manage to divert Kumar’s attention by playing mind games and win the task. A furious Kumar hatches plans to finish off the four-member gang.

When Settu celebrate his success, Sketch starts losing his friends as they are mercilessly killed without any evidence. The cops, on one hand, are after Kumar, while Sketch, with the help of Maari (Soori), a vehicle dealer, tries to find the people behind his friends’ murders. Ammu, who dreams of a life with Sketch, is almost on the verge of bidding adieu to a marriage which her father has fixed for her.

A template film, Sketch, which solely relies on Vikram, works in parts. The actor has done an effortless job in pulling off his role. All the actors have done justice to their characters. Thaman’s contribution stands out next in the movie, thanks to his songs and BGM. However, the placement of the songs spoils the mood.

The romantic scenes do not appear convincing as the heroine’s character lacks proper development. Fight sequences, intriguing pre-interval and unexpected pre-climax portions add weightage to the otherwise okayish film, which has a message, too, towards the end.