Vikram’s Villain for Atharvaa!

Actor Atharvaa is currently acting in a film with Jayam Kondan and Settai director Kannan. In the film, ‘Ai’ villain Upen Patel has been signed to play the baddie.

Talking about the new development, Kannan said “The script has a very challenging and a strong villain character. We were looking out for the best person to play this role and when I got the opportunity to narrate the script and the role to Upen Patel he just loved it !!! He said he has been getting a lot of villain roles but none excited him like this one.

He is the best fit for this special role and I am sure this role will uplift his career even more. Every aspect of his look, get up and others things will be very special and interesting. The intensity and scope of his character are very big. The climax sequence between Upen and Atharva will be the biggest highlights of the movie”.