I Cooperated Very Well During the Making of Balloon, Says Jai

Actor Jai has contradicted the allegations of non-cooperative attitude made against him by the producer and director of his latest film Balloon.

Jai-Anjali-Janani Iyer starrer Balloon released in theatres on the last Friday of last year and has been going steadily in theatres in its second week now. Sineesh, the debutant director of the film, alleged that Jai didn’t cooperate with him properly during the making of the film. His allegations were confirmed by the producer as well. The duo has complained to the Producers’ Council against Jai.

“Allegations made by them are false and personal in nature; they don’t have any proof to substantiate their accusations,” Jai said in response to the complaints in what was his first reaction to the shocking allegations which said that Jai used to come to the film’s shoot each day in a drunken mood. He is also blamed to have deliberately postponed film’s shooting schedules, causing losses of several lakhs rupees.

“I have always reported to the shoot on time and I have proof to show this,” Jai said and added that producers/directors with whom he had worked in the past can vouch for his punctuality and cooperative attitude. “Balloon has so far grossed more than Rs.7 crores in theatres,” he said and added that it can hardly be called as a ‘failure’.