Kabali Director Talks About Caste Danger!

Kabali director Pa Ranjith has always been vocal about the danger caused by caste-based discrimination in his films and in the real world. The director posted a video on a caste discrimination victim on Twitter.

“Caste based discrimination happened to MS resident doctor student at civil hospital Ahmedabad, his colleagues and HOD himself doing caste discrimination and due to this SC student (Mariraj)attempted suicide, he is out of danger now said doctors.. But yet to get out #castedanger”.

Immediately, Praveen KL, editor of Kabali also registered his thought. Praveen tweeted “Shame on the hod and ppl responsible for driving him to such lengths. It is a pity that human lives are valued based on their caste even in this era. Can feel the trauma he went through. Hope he gets the justice he deserves soon”.