Rajinikanth Orders His Fans to Stay Calm and Says No to Tv Debate Shows!

Superstar Rajinikanth has ordered his fans to stay calm and not to participated in TV debates. The official press statement from the All India Rajinikanth Fans Association says that Rajinikanth fans should follow what the actor told them on December 31.

“This is to state that for the past few days some individuals are appearing in TV channels as Supporters or Fans of Rajinikanth and expressing their personal views in debates. It is informed that All India Rajinikanth Fans Association / Rajini Makkal Mandram have not authorized any such individuals to appear in N debates on its behalf and views expressed by them in TV debates do not have our endorsement.

The views expressed by those individuals on many issues do not reflect our official position in such matters. Therefore as stated by our leader Shri. Rajinikanth in his speech on 31′ December 2017, we once again clarify that official views on matters of importance will be disclosed only after the announcement of his political party. We earnestly request the cooperation of all concerned”, said the head of All India Rajinikanth Fans Club.