Manisha Wasn’t Aware Soppanasundari Would Be an ‘item’ Song!

Picture-perfect Manisha Yadav has claimed that she wasn’t aware that her song in the 2016 hit film Chennai 600028 might come to be known as an ‘item song’.

Directed by Venkat Prabhu, Chennai 600028 II released late in December, 2016 and became a super-duper hit film. Second franchise on the Chennai 600028 series, the film almost repeated the entire cast of the prequel which was Venkat Prabhu’s debut directorial venture and which released in 2007.

One of the attractions of Chennai 600028 II was certainly the song ‘Soppanasundari’ featuring Manisha Yadav, who reportedly married a Bangalore-based businessman in February last year. Manisha and other cast members of the film had broken into dance movements in a no-holds-barred manner in the song which had become hugely popular after the film’s release in theatres.

“I danced normally for the song but wasn’t told by Venkat Prabhu during the filming of the song that it would turn out to be an ‘item number’. I was only told that the song would create a ‘twist’ in the film’s script as it feature at an important juncture in the story. However, I’m now also known as an ‘item song’ girl about which I don’t regret at all,” says the Bangalorean beauty.