Aditi Balan: Kollywood’s ‘find’ of the Year 2017!

Naan lateaa vandhaalum latests varuven’ is a hugely popular punch-dialogue uttered by superstar Rajinikanth in his super-duper hit film Muthu. Actress Aditi Balan of Aruvi symbolizes these words in letter and spirit by debuting in Kollywood in the last month of the year and making everyone go ga-ga about her performance in the film!

Directed by debutant director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman, Aruvi was screened at many international film festivals across the globe and won several awards before it finally hit the screens in Chennai and elsewhere in the State on 15th December. The film’s making, script, dialogues and the power-packed performance of Aditi Balan as the protagonist have been appreciated and lauded by critics, movie-goers and fans.

A few frontline actresses including Nayantara and Shruti Haasan turned down the offer to play ‘Aruvi’ in Aruvi after which the director auditioned 500 girls before zeroing in on Chennai-born Aditi Balan, who is a law graduate from Bangalore. Adidi was reportedly keen in acting in films right from her young age. Even after graduation, her passion for acting made her star in plays and attend the audition for Aruvi.

Critics and movie-buffs are baffled at how Aditi could so easily get into the skin of her character in the film. Women and family audiences have made Aruvi, a slow-starter, a hugely successful film. Her girl-next-door looks and the ease with which she is able to change her facial expressions and emotions have proved that Aditi is an actress of substance, suited more to the roles essayed in the past by the likes of Revathi, Suhasini, Saritha and Devayani.

Aditi has gone on record stating that she would concentrate more on quality than on quality, even if it means that she would do only one or two films per year.