Here Are the Controversies of the Entertainment Industry in 2017!

Controversies are always a part and parcel of Kollywood which is a great leveler: nobody can thrive in successive successes and nobody would face successive failures if he/she is sincere in doing whatever is attempted. Kollywood witnessed several controversies in the year which draws to a close today. Here are some of them:

Actor-producer Vishal courted controversy by first opposing Jallikkattu and later supporting it. Arya, who played down the ferocity of the Jallikkattu protests, was also taken to task by MMS created by netizens on social networking sites; PETA volunteer Trisha too had a tough time stating her support to PETA didn’t mean she opposite Jallilkkattu, a traditional valour-filled sport of Tamils.

• Playback singer Suchitra Krishnamurthy got furious after she came under attack alledgedly by Dhanush’s supporter at a late-night party and later posted on Twitter not only the picture of her bruised hand but also several disturbing photos/videos of popular celebrities including Dhanush and Dhivyadarshini on what later came to be known as ‘#Suchileaks’. She also said she’d release a video ‘featuring’ Dhanush and Amala Paul but backtraced later. Her husband and actor Karthik later said she had ‘psychological issues’. A few months back, Suchi claimed that her ‘Twitter’ account was hacked long back and disowned responsibility for photos/videos posted in it.

• Vijay’s Mersal which would otherwise have enjoyed a normal run in theatres became a super-duper hit when it released on Deepavali mainly because the BJP leaders in the State objected to anti-GST referencs in the film through its dialogues. The leaders pressed for deletion of certain sequences and dialogues in the film.

• Bigg Boss reality show on Vijay TV didn’t have many takers initially but later became a huge hit. Kamal Haasan, the host, used the show cleverly to air his anti-establishment views. Actress Oviya, who has’t been having a successful career all these years, found a new lease of life after she exited the show in tears and amid stress. Fans of Oviya launched ‘Oviya Army’ as they loved the manner in which she conducted herself during the above-said show.

• Actress Lakshmipriyaa Chandramouli courted controversy by essaying the lead role in the short film titled as ‘Lakshmi’ which seemed to drive home the message that a woman’s manner of correcting her errant husband is to indulge in extra-marital affair (and sex). Lakshmipriyaa came under huge criticism as if she had done so her real life; for once, people forgot that she only essayed her role in a short-film!

• Vijay TV’s popular chat-show Neeya Naana faced a controversy when it announced and later cancelled a pe-scheduled debated inovling women from Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring Kerala to discuss who among Tamil girls and Malayalees were really beautiful. The ‘promo-videos’ of the program generated enough heat, forcing the organizers o callo off broadcast of the above-said programme.

• Financier Anbuhezhiyan was named as having incited suicide of film producer Ashok Kumar (a relative of Sasikumar) as per the suicide note left by the farmer. Only later the fleecing of financiers came to light with actresses such as Poorna expressing their opposition to financiers’ ways of operating.

• Vishal was once again in the news arguing animatedly with the election officials when his nomination papers filed with them to contest the R.K. Nagar by-polls in the city were cancelled. Vishal’s decision to contest didn’t go down well with other office-bearers of Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) and Nadigar Sangam as he is the president of TFPC and general secretary of the Nadigar Sangam.

• Aruvi by debutant director Arun Prabhu mocked at the television reality show Solvadhellaam Unmai hosted by actress-filmmaker Lakshmy Ramakrishnan. The director was also blamed for having ‘lifted’ the script from Asma, an Egyptian film. Prabhu, however, said he didn’t do so!