Did Trisha Opt Out of Saamy 2 Out of Sheer Impatience?

It is reported that Trisha opted out of Saamy Square (sequel to Saamy) as she didn’t have enough patience and guts to take on the role offered to her.

Early in her career, Trisha contemplated quitting the film industry when she was offered her role in Saamy in 2003. The film went on to become a super-duper hit, thus extending Trisha’s career which has now prolonged to an amazing spell of 15 years. She was recently signed up to star in Saamy Square by director Hari but opted out of it within a few days of signing along dotted lines.

It turns out that Trisha was offered to pair up opposite ‘father’ Vikram in the sequel as Vikram plays dual roles of a father and his son. Keerthy Suresh was paired opposite ‘son’ Vikram which would mean Trisha would be essaying the mother-in-law of Keerthy Suresh albeit not in many sequences. Trisha, who is still playing the heroine in films, thought such a move would spell doom to the remaining years of her career.

Even Vikram spoke to her personally in an apparent effort to keep Trisha part of Saamy Square. Trisha apparently didn’t have the courage of Anushka who played Tamannaah’s ‘mother-in-law’ by playing Prabhas’ mother (he essayed dual roles in the film of the son and the father) in the colossal hit Baahubali!