Did You Know? Rj Balaji Secretly Stole Money From His Granddad

RJ Balaji has remembered his grandpa and how he subtly changed his approach in life. The actor posted a long note remembering his grandpa.

“I miss my thatha. When I was a child, I use to steal money from his shirt pocket.. for a long time, I was not caught. I use to feel that he was so dumb that He never found me stealing d money. Years passed and when I got my first salary, I went up to him, gave him 1700Rs saying that this is the approximate amount that I have stolen from his pocket.

He told me, ‘u still owe me 650Rs’. He always knew what I did, but never expressed that to me for years.I cried, cried and cried for the whole day. I told myself that day, I will never take someone’s pure love as their weakness to commit mistakes and get away with that. May b I would have made mistakes even after that, but I always choose to correct myself, regret, apologize and not repeat it again. Thank you Thatha, for all that Am today”, posted RJ Balaji.