Maari 2 Villain Is Excited With the Response of His Malayalam Film in Chennai

Tovino Thomas is a promising young Malayalam actor of this generation. Ever since Tovino signed Dhanush’s Maari 2, his films are being closely followed by Tamil audiences. Tovino’s recently critically acclaimed Malayalam film ‘Mayanadhi’ is doing good business on Chennai, movie buffs are in love with the film.

Talking about the film, Tovino said ” I have done 20 Films in 5 years of my acting career. This movie was a pleasurable journey. Actor’s views and opinions were valued so much in this movie. This story is based on the incidents that happened in Mumbai. At first Amal Neerat wanted to do this as a short film. Due to some reasons he couldn’t do it.

When Aashiq Abu came to know about this he took it up and made it. I think movies like this will be the future of Indian Cinema. There is a healthy competition going on between various language cinema industries in India in sound new age films. Family audience are thronging to theatres to watch ‘Mayanadhi’ is a proof that audience have accepted this new age cinema.

Tamil dialogues spoken in Malayalam movies have always got great response from Malayalam audience. Cinema is beyond languages. I really hope ‘Mayanadhi’ does well in Chennai too. I make sure I watch Tamil movies regularly. I have done ‘Abiyum Anuvum’ in Tamil and I have also played the baddie in Dhanush sir’s ‘Maari 2”.