Jai Plays an Assistant Director in Balloon

In his Friday release Balloon, Jai plays an assistant director and Balloon seller.

Talking about the horror thriller film which also has Anjali and Janani, Jai said “Jai says, “ ‘Balloon’ is my first horror. Though I have been approached for a lot of horror films before, none impressed me like ‘Balloon’.

Sinish’s narration and the whole story was so fresh and attractive. I play an assistant director in the present and a Balloon seller in the flashback portions. My clown character will be the highlight of the movie and I am very excited to see the audience response for it. I must admit Yuvan’s music has elevated the movie to the next level.

His work is just brilliant !!! ‘Balloon’ is much more than a spine chilling horror movie, it has a well laced romance and comedy also. I am sure ‘Balloon’ is going to be a very important film in my career. I am very excited about December 29th”.